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How does it work?

UniSocialScore® ranking is designed to assess Chinese social media accounts and content. It integrates both quantitative data from various social media platforms and qualitative content analysis using an a proprietary AI data analysis model.

Data Collection and Analysis

UniSocialScore utilizes a two-pronged approach: it gathers quantitative data from various social media platforms, including metrics like follower counts and engagement rates, and employs an AI model for qualitative content analysis, focusing on originality, layout, and design.

Comprehensive Score Calculation

UniSocialScore combines the quantitative data with qualitative assessments to calculate a comprehensive score. This method ensures a balanced and accurate evaluation, minimizing the impact of manipulated or inauthentic data.

Final UniSocialScore Ranking

The culmination of this process is the generation of the UniSocialScore ranking. This final score offers a holistic view of a social media account's influence and quality, providing a reliable metric for evaluating digital content and presence.


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